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Welcome to LifeBack Works

Lower Lumbar Support

Welcome to LifeBack Works

Lower Lumbar Support



LifeBack Works, LLC is a family-owned and operated manufacturing company. Featured is our State of the art lower lumbar support. We have proudly served in this industry for the past 12 years helping people with getting their LifeBack! We pride ourselves on the integrity and prestige in our 12 years of operation.

Our product, the LifeBack lower lumbar support, continues to be the leading medical device in the industry. It’s unique, lightweight and comfortable fit has helped over 100,000 back pain sufferers in getting their lives back. The LifeBack is the most trusted and proven back support on the market! Get Your LifeBack today!™


"The LifeBack lumbar support is specifically designed to assist you in managing symptoms of low back pain and its related diagnosis. The device is designed as post injury treatment and as a adjuvant to physical therapy and return to work programs, as well as an aid to injury prevention.

Unlike other lumbar supports on the market today, the LifeBack lumbar support doesn’t compress the patient’s waist but instead provides patient’s with exactly what they need-combined abdominal and lumbar support to stabilize them during the healing process.

There is nothing on the market today that compares to the LifeBack lumbar support. It is uniquely designed, lightweight and comfortable and can be worn over or underneath clothing.

It causes immediate improvement in posture, reduces lumbar compression, improves neurological flow, provides for better circulation and provided lumbar spine stability which increases mobility. This allows patients to return to work…more quickly."

Dr. Troy Manchester.M.D
Regional Medical Director

"The LifeBack lumbar support targets the L-4, L-5-, S-1 area of the spine. It has been meticulously designed to help relieve lower back pain and/or injuries. There’s a semi-rigid, patented duel plate technology that is connected by straps on each side. The rear lumbar plate has a bump to support/restore normal lordotic curves.

Bracing the back often feels like trying to compress a water balloon with an ace wrap. The LifeBack attacks this problem by using adjustable straps on both sides, and can be pulled simultaneously to secure the brace. It maintains posture while allowing core muscles to work."

Dr. Robert D’Amico D.O.


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